wp-content folder is where all themes and plugins are contained, also known as ‘wordpress extensions’. Those are the addons that make your WordPress unique from all others. Installing third party extensions can bring risks, this is why taking extra actions towards making your website more secure is very important. The best advice would be not to install anything unless you know what exactly does and the source that is comes from. It is highly possible that the plugin you are installing is written by an unskilled developer, which might open a backdoor for unwanted visitors.

Renaming your wp-content folder

It is really good to rename your wp-content folder before you start developing your theme, if that is possible because some plugins and themes use ‘wp-content’ directly in the code. But if you already have your website set up, these extensions should be fixed before changing wp-content name.

To check if plugins your wordpress is using are written well and compatible with WordPress API you can run FIND function plugins and themes directory for “wp-content” term. There shouldn’t be any because plugin developers should use content_url() function or WP_CONTENT_DIR constant.

So, let’s start by opening the wp-config.php file in the root folder, and this set of code BEFORE this single line, which is normally the last line:

Again, normally the last line.

Replace —your-content— with a new name you like, and replace —your-domaim— with your site name, then, you can rename —wp-content— folder to the new name from your FTP client.

Tip for theme and plugin developers

In your code use content_url() function instead WP_CONTENT_URL, otherwise sooner or later you or some of your clients will run into problems with the SSL certificate

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